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Academic Policies

Maximum Study Abroad Units:

Students studying abroad through the PLNU Office of Global Studies will be limited to a maximum of 16 semester units in sessions of 15 weeks or more and to corresponding unit maximum ratios in sessions of other lengths. (Note: Approx. 1 unit per experience week)

Concurrent PLNU Online Class:
On a case by case basis as part of their Global Studies application process, students may seek approval to include one PLNU online class of 4 units or fewer within the 16 semester unit maximum.

Qualifying GPA of 2.75:
To maintain a high academic standard, PLNU study abroad programs will require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Students who are on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible to participate in study abroad programs.

Grades Earned through Study Abroad Program:
All units completed in a study abroad program count toward the number attempted and completed units.

Grades earned through OGS faculty-led and OGS-designated partner programs will be included in the PLNU GPA calculation. The OGS-designated partner programs are currently as follows:
  • James Cook University (Australia)
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)
  • National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland)
  • Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)
  • University of Otago (New Zealand)
  • University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
  • University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • University of the Western Cape (South Africa)
  • Korean Nazarene University (South Korea)
  • SIAS International University (China)
Grades earned through OGS-designated affiliate or non-OGS programs are neutral and, as such, NOT included in the PLNU GPA calculation.

Credit Transfer of Non-Approved Programs:
All students interested in international study must choose their courses from the Office of Global Studies' approved list of programs. Courses taken elsewhere must be evaluated by an OGS-approved external evaluation service at student cost.  However, transfer of credits to PLNU is not guaranteed and university decisions about the transferability of such courses are not eligible for student petition or appeal. 
(Effective Spring 2017)