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Application Checklist

Study Abroad 
Initial Application Checklist

  • Attend a Study Abroad 4PM Information Session located in the Global Studies Office - no appointment necessary!

  • Search for your study abroad program on the Application Portal:

  • Once you have selected a specific program, you can click “Apply Now” to begin your application

  • Create your Study Abroad Profile – you will be asked to create a profile and an email will be sent with your login information

  • Complete all of the following elements in the initial application:
    • Advising Questionnaire
  • Minimum GPA Requirement
  • Signature Verification Form – must be printed, signed, & turned into the Office of Gloabl Studies with a copy of ID

Once complete- you will be able to sign the required electronic signatures forms:

  1. Adult Express Waiver of Liability
  2. Conduct and Responsibility Agreement
  3. Program Provider Requirement
  4. Study Abroad Fees Agreement
  • Print the Course Approval Form and obtain approval signatures from your Department Chair or Academic Advisor (Major and Minor course approval) and the Office of Global Studies (general education and elective approval). 

  • Set up an appointment with Student Financial Services via the link in your portal under “SFS Approval” to discuss the finances of your program

  • Pay Application Fee through the Study Abroad Application Portal

DEADLINE for Initial Application Forms:
October 15th for Spring
March 15th for Fall/Summer/Academic Year

**Once all Initial Application forms are completed, your application will be submitted for review.**

Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with the next steps and forms in the Study Abroad process

  • Complete your Program Provider's Application
    • You need to apply for your specific study abroad program before their deadline to ensure you get a spot. This deadline may vary from PLNU's, so be sure to double check
  • Once you receive acceptance, upload a copy of your acceptance letter/email to the Application Portal
  • Fill in your Passport Details into the Application Portal
  • Attend the mandatory Pre-departure Meeting with the Office of Global Studies
  • Read all Required Documents: 
    • PLNU Course Registration and Information While Abroad
    • PLNU Housing Process for Study Abroad Semester Students
    • Power of Attorney Form
    • Pre-Departure Handbook
  • Pass the Handbook Assessment on the Application Portal
  • Check with your program to see if you will need VISA entry documents upon arrival to your host country
PLNU Faculty-Lead Program Requirements
  • Complete the Confidential Health History Form
  • Have your doctor sign your Health Clearance Form and turn it into our office
  • Read and agree to the Health Information Statement of Accuracy
  • Read and understand the Study Abroad Health Information Privacy Policy
**You are responsible for completing all checklist items in order to be approved to study abroad through PLNU**