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Application Checklist

Study Abroad 
Initial Application Checklist

  • Attend a Study Abroad 4PM Information Session

  • Search for your study abroad program on the Office of Global Studies Application Portal:

  • Once you have selected a specific program, you can click “Apply Now” to begin your application

  • Create your Study Abroad Profile – you will be asked to create a profile and an email will be sent with your login information

  • Complete all of the following elements in the initial application:
    • Initial Questionnaire
  • Obtain Disciplinary & Academic Clearance 
  • Signature Verification Form – must be printed & turned into the Office of Gloabl Studies with ID

Once complete- you will be able to sign the required electronic signatures forms

  • Print the Course Approval Form and obtain approval signatures from your Academic Advisor & the Office of Global Studies

  • Set up an appointment with Student Financial Services via the link under “SFS Approval” to discuss the finances of your program

  • Pay Application Fee?
  • Attend Pre-Departure Meeting
  • Read all Required Readings that are assigned to your specific program application
  • Complete any additional Program Specific Forms & submit separate application directly to overseas program 


DEADLINE for Initial Application Forms:
October 15th for Spring
March 15th for Fall/Summer/Academic Year

**Once all Initial Application forms are completed, your application will be submitted for review.**

Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with the next steps and forms in the Study Abroad process