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Office of Global Studies

Office of Global Studies
Mission Statement 

What We Believe

In order to prepare Point Loma Nazarene University students for an increasingly globalized world and to become more culturally competent, it has become evident that we need to improve our understanding of the larger world beyond our own nation, as well as learning to understand and appreciate cultural diversity at home.

It is important to prepare students to act as informed global citizens and to help them comprehend the interdependent character and nature of world events.  The preparation for a “global citizen” includes acquisition of foreign languages with a primary focus on communication, international understanding, awareness of other cultures and peoples and recognition of the multilingual, multicultural and ethnic influences at home and abroad.  We seek for them to gain competence to live and work with other peoples, cultures and issues, beyond just basic understanding.

The core of our work is to educate the whole person and foster the Christian values that will guide their spiritual and personal paths beyond PLNU.  The academic experience here and abroad ought to be integrated seamlessly with their faith journey in order to strengthen their engagement in the community where they can contribute to and make a real difference.

What We Do

The Office of Global Studies is the unit on campus that promotes, facilitates and coordinates all program efforts for overseas studies and related academic activities, including faculty-led courses, semester and summer abroad, scholarly research and exchanges.  It is committed to supporting the PLNU mission of academic excellence, community and service.  It strives to develop global citizens by facilitating students to study abroad through transformative academic partnerships with reputable overseas institutions and carefully selected affiliates.  It also aims to provide faculty and staff with professional development opportunities that stimulate interest in different cultures, integrating academic curriculum and supporting PLNU’s internationalization efforts.

It is operated by a team of professionals committed to advancing international higher education for students from diverse backgrounds. The staff represents PLNU at international educational conferences and meetings as presenters, organizers and participants. Supported by an advisory council populated by faculty and staff, it sets policies and establishes principles of good practice.  It seeks to collaborate with colleagues on campus and network among professionals in the field to develop the best programs for the PLNU community.   Through collaborative work, we advocate for peace, justice and social responsibility worldwide.
(drafted June 24th, 2015)